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Being a Mom Rocks. And Sucks. Mostly Rocks.

Consider It A Mother’s Day Gift

Okay, this blog is actually about all of the things I do that are not directly related to my momminess but I got tagged by a mom blogger that I admire so I’m going to run with it – I mean, Mother’s Day is right around the corner and that’s MY day so humor me… 

I’ve never participated in one of these tag things before but it looks like I should mention that the blogger who tagged me is the painfully funny Mom Zombie who lives in Detroit. She caught this thing from The Mama Mary Show blog, and  it looks like the blogger who started it all is Her Bad Mother – who I’ve heard of before, and I don’t know anything, so she must be quite famous. 

Get to the Point!

Okay so the point of the whole thing is to have the tagging travel around the world, with moms writing about what they like (and dislike) about motherhood. So I’m in Canada and I’m supposed to write my list and then tag some other moms in my own country and around the world. 

Being a Mom Rocks Because… 

1. Although I’ve only been a mom for two years, I know it’s the most important thing I will ever do and I’m very proud of my role as mom. For the first time in my life I really feel like I’m putting my 100% into something (you can tell by the general topics of this blog that I tend to spread myself thin over many different activities).

2. I have the cutest, smartest, cutest, most well-behaved daughter in the world. I know all moms are probably supposed to  think this about their daughters but in my case it’s true. I’ve never said that to anyone but my husband because I don’t want to offend other parents.  

3. She teaches me so much and I love learning. It started when I was pregnant and I suddenly started to take everything much more seriously – I started to question things I had taken for granted before. I also learned to respect my body on her behalf in a way that I had never bothered to when it was just me. 

4. I like other people and the world in general more now that I see it from her perspective.

5. She sparks my creativity and imagination. 


Being a Mom Sucks Because… 

1. She weighed 11 pounds 2 ounces when she was born. That’s all I have to say on that topic.

2. I feel very vulnerable and fearful that she might be hurt physically or emotionally. I know that this is bound to happen but I dread the first scab or stitch or slight.

3. Sometimes the endless routine of diapers, meals and putting jackets and shoes on and then taking them off wears me down.

4. Most of my friends don’t have kids and I feel left out of things because I don’t get out socially that much anymore (band practice once or twice a week takes up my evening outings).

5. Two years later I still haven’t recovered physically and I guess I never will – my hip joints feel like they are dislocating, my feet are half a size bigger, my body shaped has been moved around a bit (and not in a good way). 

Tag, You’re It!

Quite a few of you reading this right now subscribe to my blog. Just in case any of you are also moms (or dads – I think dads should be invited to the party, too!) please consider yourself tagged. Also, please leave me a comment and introduce yourself (if you want to). 

I will formally tag one of my favorite maniacal moms in the whole world, Wife Mom Maniac. She’s in Canada and she’s busy with 3 kids so may not be able to continue this tagging thing  - so no pressure. 

Coming Soon

I have been unreliable these days with my posts – you can expect one of my regular features ‘artist of the month’ soon.

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3 Responses to Being a Mom Rocks. And Sucks. Mostly Rocks.

  1. i will tag myself thus ….
    (great post btw – totally agree ……… now to come up with something original ….. ho hum)

    my feet are bigger too!

  2. MomZombie says:

    Nice to see a picture of you and your little one. And — 11 pounds, 2 ounces? I thought my girl at 9 pounds, 10 ounces was big enough. Girl, you win the prize. Nothing more on the subject.

  3. melissa says:

    here from mom zombies blog…
    11 lbs 2 oz?! holy crap! my son was 9 lbs 11 oz. but omg.
    nice to meet you!

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