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  • sticking with Pinterest

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    Too busy to give this blog the makeover it deserves, too attached to let it go… …in the meantime, I am using Pinterest to collect my thoughts about these topics: favorite detectives, my upcoming visit to Germany, and musical inspirations. I’m also using it to hold my imaginary office (a refuge from the reality of current basement situation) and to collect my ideas for planned overhaul to my site

  • writing for several blogs (but not this one)

    I Should Be Napping Dear I Should Be Napping, I can’t let you go – you are my oldest blog and you need an overhaul. You’re certainly not part of my portfolio, yet I find you charming in your tacky theme-hacky chic. In the meantime, I thought I’d scare some of the tumbleweeds away by adding a post with links to some of the writing I’ve been doing elsewhere: Promotional Products and Social Media Businesses of all sizes are increasingly aware of social media, but traditional forms of marketing are still very important. This article, written for a promotional products blog, looks at how social media and specialty advertising products can work together. If you are interested in social media’s influence on business (and life in general), I’d recommend Erik Qualman’s book Socialnomics. Food Truck Festivals One of my favorite writing assignments, you can read all about my concession stand obsessions at Most recently, I featured the surge in Food Truck Festivals across the U.S. Online Time Management and Organization I wrote a guest post for the Knit Wit by Shair for her business boost event – you can sneak a peek into the many online business tools I use to stay on top of my crazy life. Fun Recipes I guess I don’t have much time for crafts any more so I take it out on the kids meals

  • on posterous and in the studio

    I Should Be Napping Is Taking a Catnap I am busy with my new business and my band at the moment so you may not see posts here for a bit. This is my oldest, longest running blog and so is special to me, so I have slated it for an overhaul in September or October. In the meantime, if you want some fresh news, you can see my regular posts at and Positively Posterous I have also started a few posterous blogs because they are so easy to maintain – I love that I can capture content that I want to share with their bookmarklet and that I can post via email. Business Basics on Posterous I just started this blog as an additional resource for the students that I teach at various workshops (business communications and social media). Mink Valley on Posterous I created this blog to share snapshots (verbal and pictorial) of life in Mink Valley (my band). Full Serve Web on Posterous My official blog for my web design business will contain portfolio work and general news about my business (coming soon!), but the posterous blog is an informal place to post helpful information for my clients and share interesting content that I come across

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