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Fast and Easy Halloween Party Snacks

Oct 28, 08 • cooking, my recipes4 Comments

Squishy Spiders

Super Easy!


1. 1 box Profiteroles* (see photo) or donut holes

2. Vanilla sticks (see photo) or Pocky

3. Icing (see photo) – needs to be the kind of icing that hardens. 

4. Small round candies (M&Ms, Smarties, or Skittles)

* Profiteroles are little chocolate-covered cream puffs filled with custard, found with frozen desserts at the grocery store. 



Vanilla Sticks

Vanilla Sticks



*I don’t have a picture of the candies because I ate them all… oops… 


1. Follow defrosting instructions for profiteroles (if applicable)

2. Break each stick into 4 equal pieces and then poke into profiterole to make spider     legs.

3. Attach candies with frosting.

4. Use black frosting to make pupils (if desired). 



Even Easier!

Big Black Hairy Moles

For an easier (and more disgusting) recipe, just poke several sticks in to the profiteroles randomly and don’t bother attaching eyes. 

If you prefer savory and not sweet…

Big Hairy Warts






Big Hairy Warts

Big Hairy Warts

Easy recipe using Pillsbury Cresent roll dough, pizza sauce and shoestring potatoes! Click here for this recipe.

Use your imagination and improvise, and send me pictures and I’ll post them! 

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4 Responses to Fast and Easy Halloween Party Snacks

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  2. Kat says:

    Very cool! I am going to give those a try for sure!

  3. City Mom says:

    Oh these are super cute. I can’t wait for Halloween! :)

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