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Favorite Web Personality #5: Mom Zombie

I found Mom Zombie when I was trying to come up with a domain name for a new blog. Not only has this woman stolen my name (okay, well the fact that she owns this domain name means that she had the idea first…) but she also uses a Dorothy Parker quote at the top of her home page (my favorite witty lady of the 20′s) and I covet her use of old fisher price people for her banners and avatar, again wishing I had thought of it first. Damn!

Mom Zombie

Mom Zombie

I can’t hold a grudge – her posts are too funny and I have subscribed to her blog so that I don’t miss any of them. She gives me comfort when I am down in my basement crouched over my computer typing as fast as I can while my daughter sleeps upstairs.

Platform: the world wide web, baby! 

Who she is:

(loosely quoting from her ‘about me’ page) former writer/copy editor, parent to a teenager and a toddler, subsisting off of 5 hours of sleep and lots of caffeine… 

Best Quote Online:

Life isn’t high school and high school isn’t life.

I really believed all that until I discovered the Internet. 

Five Reasons Why I Chose Her:

1. While technically I guess it’s a mommy blog, she doesn’t go into great detail about exactly what her two daughters had in their sandwiches for lunch (my friend Tara and I used to call these ‘Tuna Fish Stories’). In other words, her writing is interesting and not completely taken over by the day-to-day minutiae of life (which, frankly, can be very boring – am I right?). 

2. Snappy domain name, nice photos, great spins on her subject matter – she’s got good taste.

3. Her Links – she seems to have a nice collection of links to other cool blogs. I keep meaning to go look at them but I never seem to have time – maybe one week when I don’t have my favorite web personality already figured out…

4. She’s funny.

5. She’s got her act together but she’s honest about how difficult it can be. Because ‘supermoms’ are annoying. 

I tend to stay away from mommy blogs – I am a mommy myself but my own blog is actually about everything that I’m doing while my daughter is either napping or tucked in bed for the night… However, I think Mom Zombie’s zombie-mom blog appeals to a wider audience.


Soccer Mom Zombie

Soccer Mom Zombie

Soccer Mom Zombie by Juco on flickr- check out her other zombie pictures.

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3 Responses to Favorite Web Personality #5: Mom Zombie

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  2. MomZombie says:

    Who knew “mom zombie” the name was so popular? Who knew anyone was reading my drivel? And how did you find that picture of me? Well, it’s not me because I would NOT be caught dead or undead in a mini van, but the skin tone and the eyes are right on. Kinda scary.
    I am humbled that you have done this. I’m…..speechless, really. But thank you, thank you, thank you. Sending a virtual bouquet of flowers and a virtual round of drinks to the band.

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