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sticking with Pinterest

Jan 28, 12 • all, making music, travelling2 Comments

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Too busy to give this blog the makeover it deserves, too attached to let it go…

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…in the meantime, I am using Pinterest to collect my thoughts about these topics: favorite detectives, my upcoming visit to Germany, and musical inspirations. I’m also using it to hold my imaginary office (a refuge from the reality of current basement situation) and to collect my ideas for planned overhaul to my mamabrain.com site.

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2 Responses to sticking with Pinterest

  1. Pinterest, the lastest time suck, er, wonderful thing to hit the Internet. Actually, I find it quite inspirational for home projects.

  2. Tanya says:

    Hi Mom Zombie :) Pinning is addictive, I have to be careful or I fall down the rabbit hole- I’ve been using Evernote to collect stuff for private projects or for client work but Pinterest is fun for sharing – kind of like a visual tweet.

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