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thinking about Andy Kaufman (Favorite Web Personality #18!)

Platforms: twitter, website, youtube

Who He Is:

Entertainer (performance artist/actor/comedian) probably most famous for his stint as Latka Gravas on the TV sitcom Taxi. He was brought back to the attention of the mainstream public when Jim Carrey portrayed him in a movie called Man on the Moon (1999). There are rumours that Andy passed away in 1984, but he lives on, at least on the Internet (home to many pranksters after all, so it’s the perfect platform for him).



Best Quote Online:

Andy Kaufman: What if I faked my own death?

5 Reasons Why I Chose Him:

1. I’m a sucker for a good mystery. And he is definitely mysterious. I mean it’s the perfect set up – play pranks while you are alive so that no one will actually believe you’re dead. It’s like he pulled the ulltimate prank and created performance art that will perpetuate without him… (with a few willing collaborators, including we the audience). Recently, documentary filmmaker Christopher Maloney made a film about his search for the truth about Andy Kaufman, called The Death of Andy Kaufman.

2. You can follow him on Twitter. (I am becoming a Twitter addict)

3. He’s not boring! It seems like today the media is filled with increasingly generic, unoriginal, uncreative and unFUN personalities…

4. A fantastic way to lose endless hours of your free time as you get sucked in to the vortex of intrigue… I found it difficult to stop writing this profile because I kept getting sucked into all of the intrigue. Is Stephen Maddox really Andy? Who is the AMLA anyways and what the heck is a delete party!

5. Andy Kaufman and Johnny Cash! Okay that’s just an added bonus… it’s his Elvis impersonation that really puts  him on this list…

Is he alive?

Has Andy joined a co-op in New Mexico and does he frequent an ice cream parlor there? Is he living under the name Stephen Maddox (character from Running Man movie who fakes his own death). Decide for yourself -  you can:

Listen to an interview with him on a radio show on September 16, 2008 at The Overnightscape

Watch  a press conference he held on November 9, 2008 at andykaufmanlives.com

Listen to Howard Stern explain how he was contacted by someone calling himself Andy Kaufman.

Read this message posted by Andy on November 1, 2008 or the findings posted here.

Visit his real-life girlfriend’s (Lynn Margulies, the real person portrayed by Courtney Love in the Man in the Moon) ebay store.

This web personality brought to you by:

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One Response to thinking about Andy Kaufman (Favorite Web Personality #18!)

  1. PA says:

    I watched a couple of interviews on Letterman on YouTube after reading your post. Quite a fascinating guy,eh. Thanks for the re-introduction!

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